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Engraved Brass Tags

Engraved brass tags have always been a favorite with our customers. There’s something about the aesthetically appealing, classic look of polished brass tags that no other material can match. Brass is also a very corrosion-resistant metal and is much stronger than aluminum.  

Other advantages of brass tags are they’re “non-sparking”, so safe where a spark could cause a fire or explosion, and brass tags can withstand temperatures of up to 1500 degrees Fahrenheit before reaching their melting point.

We use high-speed presses and specialized tooling allowing us to manufacture our 0.040″  thick brass tags very efficiently.  After we make the tag blanks, we use large tumbling machines to mass finish them which removes sharp edges and polishes them. Then, we engrave the brass tags to your specifications with large capacity modern fiber laser engraving machines to complete the process.

For information to help you choose which material is best for your needs, please see our Metal Tags and Plastic Tags pages.

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