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Medical Alert Bracelets, Necklaces & Tags

The communication of health issues is crucial. We provide:

  • Necklaces with Medical Alert Pendant Tags

  • Pendant Tags sold separately

  • Necklace and Bracelet hardware and accessories

Our bracelets, necklaces and pendant tags communicate medical and other issues when the wearer is not able to speak. The bracelet or pendant tag is commonly used to communicate a wearer’s allergies, seizures, non-verbal status, autism, heart conditions, asthma, diabetes and more, during an emergency situation.

Alternatively, the blank bracelets can be given as a gift, engraved with a special message.

Options include ordering the fully assembled bracelet or necklace, or ordering separate parts.

The medical bracelet or pendant tags are supplied blank on one side for your engraving and stamping needs. The tags and assembly parts are made of highly durable, long-lasting stainless steel, or of attractive nickel plated steel. With the medical alert bracelet tag attached to the bracelet chain assembly, the entire bracelet length is 8 inch (adult size). This can be adjusted to shorter lengths for smaller wrists.

Medical alert necklaces can be assembled using our 30 inch endless necklace chain, or 24 inch or 30 inch ball chain. Necklace jump chains are available to attach our medical alert pendant tags.

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