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Engraved Valve Tags

The use of engraved valve tags provides your maintenance staff and operators with the crucial information about your facility’s piping and valve systems. By adequately identifying valves, you provide employees with the visual tools to help reduce risks of workplace accidents, injuries, and spills that result from the improper use and care of valves.

We provide engraved valve tags to your specifications using our economical methods of marking. We use modern laser engraving and etching machines, providing our customers with the long-lasting qualities of metal or ABS plastic, at an excellent price point. Laser-etched valve tags will last for decades, even in the most demanding situations. The laser etching also allows us to engrave barcodes, sequential numbering, serialized numbers and logos on our tags. We use fiber laser engraving machines to mark our stainless steel tags and brass tags, and CO2 laser engraving machines to mark our anodized aluminum tags and plastic tags. 

Our custom engraved valve tags are available in many sizes and shapes in Anodized Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel and Plastic. Our aluminum and plastic valve tags are available in several color choices.

For information to help you choose which material is best for your engraved valve tags needs, please see our Plastic Tags and Metal Tags pages.

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